Sunday, February 9, 2014

Etsy Fest 2014

Hello Team Etsy Little Rock!
We hope this finds you well!
A few quick updates...
This year's fest will be on Kavanaugh from Walnut to Palm! Registration forms are located here with more information
We need sponsors - we have a new level this year where vendors of the $400 level may set up a booth (if they so desire) in the designated sponsor area - (for non-Etsians)... it could be your local bank, insurance company, etc. we appreciate any/all help soliciting sponsors - the more we raise, the bigger the event (the more we can pay our amazing music artists who've nearly donated their time in the past, we could potentially have more attractions, etc.) the eforms are here if you'd like an actual sponsor packet, please let me know - we have plenty.

These are our major needs right now (if you know anyone who knows someone who could help us...) stage rental (Budweiser stage is booked), tables/chairs, and porta potties (if we can't get this - Kroger and the businesses will be our alternative) as a sponsor - please let us know.
We need volunteers prior to the event and the day of the event.  If you or someone you know would like to sign up please contact Susie Coleman at  If you have an Etsy shop and volunteer two hours you'll receive a $10 reimbursement of your booth fee after the festival (so if you register now, that means your booth will only cost $30).
Basically, this is most definitely a team effort - we need you now, more than ever.  We want this to be an amazing event for you and for the community - but we can't do it alone.  We are open to ideas and suggestions.  
We are members of the Hillcrest Merchants Association (HMA) and will be attending their meeting this week to share more about the event as well as sponsorship opportunities.  The support from the local merchants has been so encouraging and inspiring; we sincerely believe this year's festival will be bigger than ever.  We really hope you all will be able to be a part!
So far, these our our music artists:
Isaac Alexander
Whale Fire
Ming Donkey 
(We have several others in the works, too.)
So far, these are our food trucks:
Southern Gourmasian
Loblolly Creamery
kbird is behind Mrs. Polka Dot always
(We have one or two more in in the works - we are keeping the number to just a few - we want the local restaurants and the food trucks we have present to all have a successful day.)
The Facebook event is here please respond, share and invite your friends.  
We appreciate all of you and thank you for making Team Etsy Little Rock the most amazing team to be a part of!
Be safe this week and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Amber, Brandi and Lindsey

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