Thursday, February 26, 2015

Etsy Fest '15 Early Vendor Registration Ends March 7!

Reminder: The last day for early ‪#‎EtsyFest15 vendor registration is March 7! We are pleased to announce we currently have 44 registered ‪#‎Etsy artists! Please be sure to read the forms thoroughly as they contain a lot of pertinent information, and potential questions concerning the festival are hopefully answered on the forms. Early registration with $50 fee ends March 7. Late registration with $65 fee ends April 4. You must register by March 7 to have your shop name listed on the participating Etsy artist flier (early registration perk). Payment is due with registration. A link to the registration forms is here if you would like them emailed to you, please contact (Please allow adequate time for email responses/registration processing.) Please follow and share the Facebook event as well as the Etsy Fest ’15 FUNdraiser event Please use hashtag #EtsyFest15 when posting to your social media outlets. ‪#‎etsylr 

Current registered Etsy shops:
  • Adam Crockett
  • aFrameJob
  • Allison Eastman Britt Design
  • Amandas Sew Busy Embroidering and More
  • Amelie's Anomalies
  • Am's Tin Can Studio
  • arch+craft
  • ArkieStyle
  • Asktjdesigns by Teresa Fallad
  • Art by Lois/Painted by Fire
  • Beautiful Baltic Designs
  • Beth Whitlow, Whimsical Oil Paintings
  • Bullets and Sass
  • Classy Kitty Designs
  • Designing Edge Designers Warehouse
  • Ex Libris Novum
  • Flagship Pomade Co
  • GemsPearlsandMore by Darlene Patterson
  • Homayd Natural Care Products
  • Isaboo Designs
  • Jackie O'riginals
  • Jeanne Bowers Garrett
  • Jenny Choate Jewelry
  • Luvmibug AND Tim
  • Messy Jessy Creates
  • Mocking Girl Designs
  • Myrrh Handmade Jewelry
  • Nailed It
  • Native Hound
  • Natural State Essentials
  • Novel Approach
  • ODDcompany
  • Party Girls by Luvmibug
  • Perrodin Supply Co
  • Ratty T's Shirt Shop
  • Seamripers by WEMO
  • Sew Stacey Shop
  • Stitch Me A Wish
  • The Simple Perks
  • The Twisted Purl
  • Upster
  • Wenojean - Renewed Vintage Apparel
  • Why Not Gourds
  • Ximena & Elle 
We received the Etsy Teams Selling Event Grant and the package benefits are: 
  • This package is designed to help you plan and execute a team-run pop-up shop or craft show smoothly and includes promotional opportunities. 
  • A package checklist to outline planning tasks.
  • An educational guide to help you manage your vendors and get the most exposure for your event.
  • Tips on starting a crowd funding campaign and approaching potential sponsors for an event.
  • Event promotion on the Etsy community calendar.
  • Etsy gift card and goodies to raffle off at your event.
  • A box of Etsy promotional items for your vendors and attendees. 

We have started working on a crowd funding campaign in addition to the fundraiser, as suggested by Etsy. Here's a list of some of Etsy Fest's expenses (for your information), which will also be shared in the campaign (last year's festival cost nearly $5,000 and we are expanding this year):
  • Street Permit Fee
  • Barricades Rental Fee 
  • Tables/Chairs Rental Fee
  • Event Advertising Fees
  • On-Duty Officers’ Salaries
  • Musicians’ Fees
  • Balloons/Balloon Tanks Fee
  • Street Signs Fee
  • Stage(s) Rental Fee
  • Event Insurance Fee
  • Moving Truck Rental Fee
  • Flyer/Sign/Etc. Printing Fees
  • Large Drink Dispensers Fee
  • Photo Booth Fee
  • Misc. Expenses 
Team Etsy Little Rock:
Much of the time I'm seen as the leader/captain of our team (I generally send out the emails, you may be more familiar with my face at vending events, etc.) but I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Brandi Jennings and Lindsey Powers. We three operate as co-leaders/co-captains and they carry as much of the load (and honestly, most especially this year, more of the load) as I do. They work countless hours behind the scenes planning, contacting, organizing - much of which goes completely unseen. They attend endless planning meetings, spend their own finances for meals and travel, as they are also unpaid volunteers. They do so joyfully, without complaint, so happy to be a part of this amazing community and this local movement that we are honored to be involved with. They take up the slack where I let it get loose and they stay positive and calm when I'm falling apart. These two ladies (as well as all of you!) really do make this team a complete pleasure to work for. You all inspire me daily and I mean that most sincerely.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making Team Etsy Little Rock the beautiful thing it is! 

Here's to Etsy Fest ‘15! Cheers! 


Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship: Please Help Spread the Word!

We would love to see this come to Little Rock: Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship. Are you a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization or governmental institution that provides educational programs and services for underserved communities in the areas of business creation and growth and/or artistic development (examples of past partnering organizations include libraries, small business development centers [SBDCs], and municipal agencies)? If so, check out this amazing ‎Etsy Entrepreneurship opportunity! 

Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship (located at  

Our mission is to empower creative people in underserved communities to create pathways to entrepreneurship with Etsy. We provide hands-on education to help them use existing craft skills to create opportunities for earning supplemental income. We believe that through this program, we can help cities realize the vision of an inclusive, thriving Etsy Economy. 

The opportunity

Craft Entrepreneurship is an educational program that equips creative people in underserved communities with the knowledge and skills to start Etsy businesses and earn supplemental income through their craft. 

In each city, we partner with local organizations that are working to empower lower income residents through creative and interactive programming. Each organization is responsible for recruiting students who have craft and manufacturing skills, and who need support in applying their talents to entrepreneurial endeavors. 

This support can be best provided through in-depth education and hands-on experience. We have created a curriculum designed to be taught in person by experienced, local Etsy sellers who we train and prepare for the classroom. Participants put their learning into action by setting up and running an Etsy shop and practice strategies for success across a variety of selling environments. 

We have launched this program in many cities already, and we are excited to help bring it to many more! If you are an organization looking to partner, a seller looking to teach, or an Etsy Team interested in bringing this program to your city, please read our FAQs to learn more. 

The Etsy economy 

Over the past decade, the Etsy community — a global online network of independent artists and designers — has been pioneering a new model for economic prosperity. 

As middle-skill, middle-wage jobs continue to decline, Etsy sellers’ work represents a societal shift toward empowering, flexible entrepreneurship that generates needed supplemental income. See our Redefining Entrepreneurship report to learn more about how this type of work is impacting the economy. 

By partnering with local community organizations, we are making the Etsy economic opportunity accessible to underserved communities throughout the U.S. and beyond. 


For interested non-profit community partners (located at  

Are you interested in bringing the Craft Entrepreneurship program to your community? Please read through the FAQs to determine whether your organization is eligible. 

If you are an Etsy seller or part of an Etsy Team and would like to help bring this program to your city or town, please reach out to a library or non-profit you think would be a great fit and encourage them to apply. 

Applications for Craft Entrepreneurship partners are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed periodically. 


FAQs on becoming a partner organization (located at  

How does the Craft Entrepreneurship program work?

Each year, we partner with a number of non-profit and public organizations to offer these classes to lower income individuals with craft skills in their communities. Partnering organizations are asked to complete our application process, and are selected based on their ability to successfully carry out the criteria of the program. 

Etsy will provide selected organizations with our specialized curriculum and introduce the organizations to experienced teachers to hire in their area. The curriculum consists of 14 hours of classroom time, typically spread out over five weekly sessions (five 2-hour sessions and one 4-hour photography workshop), and is designed to be taught in a computer lab setting. Each lesson covers a different topic such as marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), product photography and basic accounting. 

The core goal of this program is to provide students with the education to turn their craft into a pathway to entrepreneurship and earn extra income through the businesses they create. We’ve also found that partner organizations benefit by being better able to provide entrepreneurship education to creative, diverse, lower income populations, and incorporate programming that’s relevant to current employment trends and the maker movement. 

What are the requirements for partnering organizations?

Organizations must be non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations or governmental institutions that provide educational programs and services for underserved communities in the areas of business creation and growth and/or artistic development. Examples of past partnering organizations include libraries, small business development centers (SBDCs), and municipal agencies. 

Craft Entrepreneurship partners must have (either on-site or local access to) a computer lab space that meets the requirements listed here in order to conduct the classes, and a proven track record of serving lower income populations through educational classes and workshops. Partners are also required to compensate the Craft Entrepreneurship teacher at a competitive local rate for their services. 

How do I apply as an Etsy seller or Etsy Team looking to bring this program to my community?

We are thrilled by all the passionate Etsy sellers who have expressed their eagerness to bring this opportunity to underserved communities in their towns and cities. Interested Etsy sellers should identify a local municipal or non-profit organization serving lower income populations to host the classes and encourage them to apply to be a Craft Entrepreneurship partnering organization. 

Who is this class intended for and what can students expect to gain?

This class is intended to help creative makers in underserved populations launch their own shops on Etsy, and in doing so, create pathways for supplemental income with their craft talents. Students gain confidence, education, and access to an encouraging community of creative entrepreneurs who are in their shoes. 

Using Etsy as a learning lab, accepted students will learn the fundamentals of starting an online business and selling their craft products to new audiences. The curriculum includes lessons in marketing, branding, pricing, and product photography. Students are guided through the process of opening their Etsy shop and listing their products by a seasoned, local Etsy seller. 

Since this program is designed for total beginners, participating students should not have made sales on Etsy prior to the first class. Students must have a craft product they make that’s ready to sell and should meet the partner organization’s criteria for underserved populations. Since this varies from location to location, the student application may be different for each partner. Those interested in participating should check with the host organization to find out if they qualify. For existing Etsy sellers looking for more advanced education, we encourage them to explore the online resources in our Seller Handbook. 

Who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by successful, local Etsy sellers who have a demonstrated a mastery of Etsy’s tools, managing an independent business, and in many cases, also have prior teaching experience. Each teacher is provided with an educator’s guide and receives training by an Etsy education specialist. Etsy helps to identify candidates in each partnering community, however each partner organization is responsible for selecting the teacher and arranging compensation with him or her. Additional details on the selection process, teacher compensation, and budget are below. 

Does Etsy provide funding for this program?

Etsy does not provide funding to partner organizations to run the Craft Entrepreneurship program, as we believe the most sustainable way of integrating this program into community organizations is through locally available funding sources. Past partner organizations have used funding for programs targeted at arts education, entrepreneurial and micro-enterprise training, as well as workforce development. 

How much does it cost to host this program?

The key costs of running the Craft Entrepreneurship program include printed materials (workbooks for students), basic photography equipment, and compensation for a trained instructor at a competitive local rate. For organizations that do not have in-house access to a computer lab facility, space rental may also factor into program costs. 

Please click here to see a sample budget for one round of the Craft Entrepreneurship class. 

How can I fund this program at my center?

Past partners have used a variety of funding sources including municipal funds, foundation grants and private donations to carry out this programing. For a list of suggested funding sources for this program, please click here. 


For interested non-profit community partners (located at 

Are you interested in bringing the Craft Entrepreneurship program to your community? Please read through the FAQs to determine whether your organization is eligible. 

If you are an Etsy seller or part of an Etsy Team and would like to help bring this program to your city or town, please reach out to a library or non-profit you think would be a great fit and encourage them to apply. 

Applications for Craft Entrepreneurship partners are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed periodically. 

For sellers interested in becoming a Craft Entrepreneurship teacher: 

To learn more about how you can make a difference in your community through this program, review sample job application, and read the FAQ on Becoming A Craft Entrepreneurship Teacher. 

Are you ready to apply? Please follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Complete the Craft Entrepreneurship teacher interest form right now. 

Step 2: We will partner with new cities on an ongoing basis throughout 2015. Once an organization in your area partners with Etsy, we will contact you with detailed instructions for applying to the program. 

Step 3: When you are contacted, we will ask you to complete a three part application that includes a questionnaire, essay questions, and a short video submission.